Xobni for BlackBerry Updated to Version 2.0.28

The ultimate super address book, Xobni, has been updated to its version 2.0.28, including new features, UI updates and more. Xobni is a professional contact management application that automatically creates profiles for your contacts based on your phone calls, emails, texts, etc. It connects your contacts to their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, ranks them by importance and much more. This is one of the apps that I highly recommend.

OS 5 ==> http://www.mobireach.com/upload/210/152210/xobni.jad
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OS 6 ==> http://www.mobireach.com/upload/209/152209/xobni.jad
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New Features/Functionality

  • Free users can now also enjoy the Universal Search functionality (w/ daily limits)
  • Edits in native BB address book now are updated in Xobni
  • A users account is temporarily locked after 5 failed login attempts (when user is logged out)
  • Added a “show password” checkbox on login screen to assist with small keyboard typing
  • Added low memory state manager, to detect when device is low on memory
  • Ability to restart a stopped contact scan due to server issues

UI Updates

  • Edit contact details improvements and refinements
  • Edit recipient screen improvements for composing emails and ability to set cc:, bcc:
  • Xobni Pro icon shown for Pro users in all screens
  • Improvements on forgot password dialog
  • “Xobni Cloud” now used through app for updating Xobni Cloud
  • Added a loading spinner to the LinkedIn login page for OS 5.0 and higher

Search & Ranking Improvements

  • Search refinements for improved search recall and ranking
  • Improvement to ranking to avoid new contacts from showing up too high in ranking
  • Improvement on phone number parsing for 6.0 devices
  • Merging improvements on initial load
  • Ability to search for suffix titles (e,g: Dr., Mr., etc.)

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • International character (UTF-8) fix when posting updates, for foreign characters support
  • Improvements and potential fix for email loss on app deletion/install
  • Fix to be able to add Xobni contacts to bcc line
  • Logout and login no longer prompts users to choose email accounts
  • Login screen retry and error handling improvements
  • Speed improvement for LinkedIn and Facebook profile rendering
  • Fix for pictures taken on touchscreen device to be incorrectly rotated
  • Only emails composed from Xobni, have Xobni signature appended (when on)
  • Fix for properly showing the date of a meeting in Xobni for recurring meetings
  • Loading spinner on facebook tab now detects if no profile match was found
  • Fix for handling snooze correctly during initial contact loading & later resume loading
  • Expanding the network section now selects the 1st member in the network
  • Various improvements and fixes





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  2. David

    Oct 27. 2021

    mprovements and potential fix for https://bit.ly/2ZoMoGQ loss on app deletion/install
    Fix to be able to add Xobni contac

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